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One of the meanings of Sanctity is something of great importance, deserving respect. That is how we feel about everyone we serve. We treat your projects as if they were our own. Matthew 7:12.

Professional quality audio-visual production does not have to break the bank! Troy McClellan has over 25 years of audio-visual production experience. He attended Dana School of Music for Classical Music Composition and learned the art of recording, mixing and mastering from a Grammy nominated musician and a Hollywood sound designer. He has created immersive media content for planetarium theaters and presentations for inventors and entrepreneurs.

Sound and picture go together, hand in hand. Great visuals can be diminished by poor quality audio and great sounding audio can be minimized by poor quality visuals. We strive to help you achieve both! Whether you are looking for a great promotional video to showcase what your business has to offer, recording your next masterpiece, websites, graphic design and more, we have solutions for you.

Our Mission

Quality Counts

When it comes to multimedia design, quality counts. We take the time to listen to what our clients want and help them shape their design into something that truly represents what they have to offer.

Quality Counts

Integrity Matters

Above all, integrity matters. We always strive to go the extra mile with absolute honesty. It used to be that a handshake meant commitment to an agreement. Our word is our bond and our reputation is paramount.

Integrity Matters

Affordable Solutions

Great design does not have to be expensive. We strive to find affordable solutions to your everyday marketing and multimedia needs. Contact us to see how we can help you shine on your next project.

Affordable Solutions

Audio Recording, Editing & Mastering

Record Your Music

Singers, songwriters musicians: Need help recording your ideas. We help you turn your songs into finished recordings. We have studio musicians available and have a full compliment of MIDI production tools. Inquire today about our affordable recording services.

Mixing & Mastering

Need help putting that professional polish on your tracks? We can mix and master your multitrack project using state-of-the-art DAW software and plugins. Prices starting at just $99 per song! Contact us to see just how affordable it is to achieve the sound you are looking for.

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Original Music & Sound Design

Do you need an original score for your film or television project?  Need and original theme for your project? We can help. Troy has created original music for numerous planetarium documentaries and show/project intros. Listen to just a few samples.

Sanctity Audio Visual Services

Excerpts From the Original Score: Firefall

Excerpts from the original score for the planetarium documentary entitled “Firefall”. The show was produced by Geographics Imaging and Eastern Florida State College.

Firefall Trailer

Example of original music and sound design for the trailer featuring the planetarium documentary entitled “Firefall”

Genesis: The Creation

A seven movement symphonic work
inspired by the creation account in the Book of Genesis.

Click here to listen to some samples and to
buy/stream on itunes/Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.

Hello Bradenton: Michelle’s Theme

16 years ago I met my beautiful wife Michelle.
This piece was inspired by the magic and miracle of our love story.

Click here to listen to a sample and to
buy/stream on itunes/Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon.

Promo Videos

Next Step Realty Video

Higher Heights International Church 2016 Easter Promo

CityPlan Promo Video

Jackson Elementary 2017-2018 School Theme Promo

Audiobook Production

Listen to Some Excerpts


Excerpt From Chapter 8:



Here are a few samples of my work. For more photos visit my collection of online images.

Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
Sanctity Audio Visual Services
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